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One Armed Woman Sues Six Flags Great Adventure

Posted by  r0llerc0ast3r / 26 Jan : 15:09
Jacquie Winner is suing Six Flags Great Adventure for an arbitrary and discriminatory act that occurred at the parks most popular roller coaster, El Toro. When she boarded the coaster, she was told that she did not meet the requirements to ride. She is seeking a policy change and compensation for embarrassment, damages and legal fees. At this time the park has yet to provide a comment regarding the incident. This isn't the first the park has turned away a one armed patron.

Mother Leaves Child, Breaks Into Theme Park Due to God

Posted by  r0llerc0ast3r / 26 Jan : 15:03
Frances Greene and Jason Lee have been arrested after breaking into Carowinds Theme Park. The couple left their eight month old baby in their truck, climbed a park fence and entered the park. During their trespass, a park security guard found the infant and called the police. When the couple arrived at their vehicle they were arrested and charged for neglect & trespass. Greene told police she had been persuaded by God and aliens to visit the park. The child has been taken into protective custody.

Six Flags Great Adventure Renames New Single Looping Coaster

Posted by  r0llerc0ast3r / 14 Jan : 11:29
Six Flags Great Adventure has renamed their newest creation, Looping Dragon. The new name is a nod to Jersey Devil Folklore as well as the Spanish themed area it will reside. The single looping coaster will be renamed, El Diablo. The ride will be located in the Plaza Del Carnival section of the park and is set to open in Spring. The new ride received a high amount of negative response when announced later in 2014. While we feel the ride is sort of step back in Amusement Park History, we feel the name fits the area!
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