NEW RIDE REVIEW: Banshee at Kings Island

Posted by  r0llerc0ast3r / 18 Apr : 16:15
Kings Island has finally unleashed their newest creation... Banshee! The all new screaming invert was finally opened to the public today commencing the start of the 2014 Operating Season! With park management expecting a very large crowd, maybe a larger outcome then the opening of Diamonback. The line wrapped around Delerium and coiled itself just under the Eiffel Tower. What are our thoughts of this new breed of inverted coaster? Find out!


Let's all face it, Kings Island has a very large following. Maybe the largest out of all Cedar Fair Parks. Therefore, the announcement of Banshee received a large response from the Kings Island fan base and coaster enthusiast community. Over the Winter months as the new coaster was under construction, hype was on the rise. Countless forums and websites were buzzing with speculation and excitement for the new breed of inverted coaster.

Well today Kings Island opened the gates to the public. The lines for Season Pass Processing, ticket booths and turn styles were ejecting out into the parking lot. Excitement running high and when the clock struck 12pm the crowd began a fast paced walk towards the entrance of Banshee. Within minutes the line grew very long, winding around Delerium and weaving to the base of the Eiffel Tower. So without any thought, I made a smart purchase and bought myself a Fast Lane Plus! This gave me access to the front of the line on all the major attractions including Banshee! Definitely worth the money as reports of a five hour wait were surfacing! And get this, the coaster didn't open at opening, it had a little bit of first day jitters and remain closed until 12:30ish.

Finally opening the line began to move, however, the crew behind loading and unloading endless trains of screaming riders were a little on the slow side. Intervals between dispatches were delayed and sometimes lengthy. After about a twenty minute wait I was buckling myself in and heard the all clear! It was finally time to see what Kings Island had conjured up...

The train began its rapid ascent up the 167 foot tall lift hill. As it crested the top I was hoping to hear the scream of the Banshee and to my surprise Kings Island didn't disappoint! The train crested the lift hill and before plunging down the Banshee let out its deafening screech. Then without time to revel, the train was speeding through a series of seven inversions including two vertical loops, a diving loop, zero-g roll and heartline roll. It was a nonstop and high speed race from start to finish.

When the train hit the break run it was time to reminisce what I had just experienced. It was intense, forceful and exhilarating... most likely the best inverted coaster I have ever been on. Now I know you are most likely thinking, "How can this compare to Alpengeist at Busch Gardens Williamsburg?" Well to be honest Alpengeist was my top invert, but think about it... Alpie is taller, faster and contains much larger inversions. But after the mid-course break run it slows down considerably and you lose that adrenaline and natural high. It's sort of a let down in my opinion, why have the breaks there in the first place!?

So comparing the overall ride experience between the two, Banshee just out performs from start to finish.

The initial drop is the best on an inverted coaster period, it's steep and angled just perfectly to whip you out of your seat. The seven inversions are massive from start to finish. Normally as the train courses through the track back to the station, the inversions lose size and height due to a decrease in speed. However, Banshee maintains speed throughout the entire run allowing the inversions near the end to keep that massive and intimidating size. This is thanks to the terrain Banshee has been constructed on. After the zero-g roll the train descends down another steep drop providing the train more speed! In fact this is one of the main key features of the ride that management pushes. It's deceiving to the eye and you are caught off guard while riding.

Aside from the ride experience, the look of Banshee is top notch. From the front entrance sign to the theming of the queue line, ride and station it is perfect and follows through. Tombstones are not only placed along the queue but also throughout the ride in different areas to give off that feeling of speeding through a cemetery. To take this look to a completely different level, Kings Island has installed a decent amount of LED lights and fog machines that provide an immersive touch to the overall experience from the time you approach the coaster to the time you exit.

Overall Banshee is a complete "WINNING" situation for Kings Island. The name, the theming and the ride experience Banshee provides will definitely put Kings Island on the map for another world class coaster. Already the response Banshee has received from enthusiasts and general public has been highly positive. Kings Island has opened a great new coaster and I am sure when AmusementToday announces their list of Golden Ticket Winners, Kings Islands Banshee will be the, "Best New Ride of 2014". If it's not I will be surprised and very disappointed! So glad I made the eleven hour trip to ride this new screaming demon!

While you are here, enjoy our new Banshee Music Video:

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