Casino Pier Ridding Themselves of Antique Carousel

Posted by  r0llerc0ast3r / 14 Jul : 14:59
After a devastating storm in 1962 and the most recent, Hurricane Sandy... Casino Pier in Seaside Heights, New Jersey is looking to rid themselves of a "Classic Jersey Shore Icon"! Plans for the removal of the antique carousel are underway, whether it's piece by piece or as one. The handcrafted wooden rotating sculpture will be no more as of the of this summer season... It is the last piece of what locals here at the Jersey Shore remember from the "original" boardwalk!


SEASIDE HEIGHTS, NJ - Since I was a little kid, the "original" Seaside Heights boardwalk was a major staple in my life. I spent majority of my summers there, whether it was for work or play... The sandy beaches and wooden planks were my home. However, almost two years ago, a monster of a storm swept through and removed anything and almost everything from my childhood including my parents and theirs. It was a devastating time for the boardwalk and the business' that have called it home since my grandparents were teenagers. Many were left in ruins while others coped with hard work towards rebuilding to an uncertain future.

It has never been the same since then and it never will be. It has a different look, feel, smell and I know this will sound weird, but sound!

Why the sentimental history lesson? Well I want to give you a background of how important I place this slab of wood to my heart. Cause I personally can't stand when someone posts a blog write up with no emotional attachment to the subject at hand.

Today, Monday July 14, 2014 Casino Pier of Seaside Heights, New Jersey has announced plans for the removal of the LAST piece of my childhood memory.

Locals, shore boys and shore girls of all ages will find this frustrating, upsetting and downright outrageous... Casino Pier is auctioning off the classic Antique Carousel that has rotated on the pier summer after summer since 1932. The auction will take place at the end of the summer season as a "one item" or "piece by piece" purchase.

So the first question that comes to mind is... WHY? I thought after all that it has survived the carousel would remain the last remaining staple of what Seaside Heights was before Hurricane Sandy. Well officials of Casino Pier plan on using the space for new attractions and announced the carousel was a burden financially due to maintenance costs.

Why is this such a big deal? Well read on, and I'll explain!

The antique carousel opened in 1910 at Burlington Island Park, in Burlington, New Jersey. Unlike the many carousels of today, this one had been handcrafted from wood displaying its nostalgia. In fact the New York Times deems this carousel as an "Authentic antique featuring hand carved animals that rotate around a 90-year-old Wurlitzer military band organ." This is no lie... The carousel is an antique and is the oldest ride still operating along the Jersey Shore!

During its stay at Burlington Island Park it survived two major fires and upon the closing of the park it was re-located to Casino Pier in 1932.

At the Jersey Shore, it quickly became a landmark and captured the hearts of thousands each summer. However, its troubled life was far from over...

The antique carousel also survived two powerful and major storms that struck along the coast. The first was the Great Storm of 1962 and then of course Hurricane Sandy. Due to the powerful storm surge of Sandy the basement housing the electrical equipment was destroyed leaving the carousel in a damp, dark and cold environment for two months. The wooden figures were in danger of ice damage and the future of the carousel was uncertain.

We were on site nearly four months after the event and spoke with officials who stated that the carousel might have suffered severe ice and water damage which would prevent it from opening ever again. However, through all the ice, snow, rain and wind this antique carousel would re-open for the summer of 2013!

Unfortunately the carousel located at the neighboring Funtown Pier was destroyed by a tragic fire, bringing Seaside Heights to a "one carousel boardwalk".

Now... After all it has been through... The ups and the downs, Casino Pier has announced plans to remove the antique carousel!

I do not know about the rest of you, but I personally cannot let this happen. It is a boardwalk staple! A Jersey Shore icon... It has survived through so much... It has kept rotating year after year. It is a symbol of how strong those who call the Jersey Shore home are. It is the last piece of history of what Seaside was and always will be in the hearts and minds of many along the Jersey Shore.

Those who are outraged, angry and upset with this news please click the following link to an official Facebook Page started by myself to help preserve this Jersey Shore Landmark. Please tweet and recommend this page to anyone who has visited the Jersey Shore in their lifetime, we must stand together and remain "JERSEY STRONG"!

Facebook Page:
Save The Carousel Page

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