Six Flags Great Adventure Renames New Single Looping Coaster

Posted by  r0llerc0ast3r / 14 Jan : 11:29
Six Flags Great Adventure has renamed their newest creation, Looping Dragon. The new name is a nod to Jersey Devil Folklore as well as the Spanish themed area it will reside. The single looping coaster will be renamed, El Diablo. The ride will be located in the Plaza Del Carnival section of the park and is set to open in Spring. The new ride received a high amount of negative response when announced later in 2014. While we feel the ride is sort of step back in Amusement Park History, we feel the name fits the area!

22 People Injured on Vekoma Boomerang at Fantasilandia

Posted by  r0llerc0ast3r / 14 Jan : 11:15
Details are sketchy... But an accident occurred on January 10, 2014 where 20 to 22 people were injured when a train detached from the chain lift on the Boomerang coaster at Fantasilandia. The train full of riders was ascending the reverse spike, when it detached from the chain and fell backwards early. It came to a breaking stop causing the minor injuries. The coaster will remain closed for three weeks during investigation.

Cedar Point to Build World's Tallest & Fastest Dive Machine?

Posted by  r0llerc0ast3r / 14 Jan : 10:45
After the announcement from Cedar Point regarding the removal of the Good Time Theatre. A memo leaked containing a bit of information about a proposed new coaster for the 2016 season. If the information holds true, Point Fans will say hello to the World's Tallest and Fastest Dive Machine with the most inversions. No official statement has been given by Point Officials but the lift hill would crest at a dizzying 223 feet, include four inversions and reach a top of speed of 80 miles per hour. What are your thoughts?

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